The Alu-Plano Folding as a reduced illustrative example. The patented foldable frame system saves space and is easy to transport.

Construction detail: the heigt-adjustable feet > even after the assembly has been completed, the floor can be levelled with an adjusting tool from above, compensation up to approx. 4 cm.

Technical Details: Alu-Plano Folding
Standard size: 1 x 1 m (special sizes available)
Weight: 14 kg, frame + deck plate
Loading Capacity: up to 10 kN
Frame height: 6 cm
Deck plate: 22 mm
Instalment Height: 9-13 cm
Passage: 3-6 cm

Adjustable feet for heights between 9 – 13 cm and 16 -20 cm are available.

Areas of application: trade fairs, events, exhibitions

Here you can see a model 50 cm x 50 cm: from wood (could be overlayed with carpet, linoleum) or from steel grid, acryl cover, aluminum checker plate … Below this flooring system you hide supply lines for water, electricity …