Alu-Vario scissor platform, scissors made of rectangular steel tube, powder-coated according to DIN 4112 and DIN 1055.

Scissor platform made of aluminum frame with flush-fitting, firmly screwed cover plate. Equipped as standard with a wooden plate (blockboard) 22 mm, brown glaze. Scissor construction made of rectangular steel tube, impact and scratch-resistant powder-coated (black as standard). The all-round assembly channel is used to connect the platforms to each other and to attach accessories as stairs, railings, facings and much more.


Schools / municipality / city – studios, theater, choir, orchestra

Organizers – industry, broadcasters, sports, music industries

Technical Details: Alu-Vario
Standard Size: 2 x 1 m (Sondergrößen sind möglich)
Weight: ca. 58 kg
Pay Load: 750 kg/qm
Frame Height: 8 cm
Storage Height: 20 cm
Standard Heights adjustable: 20/40/60/80/100 cm*

*different height adjustments and ramp position possible after DIN 4112 and DIN 1055

Numerous accessories like handrails, facings, stairs etc. is available.

Railing fixation

Stage railings for your requirements

Textile facing

Wooden facing hanging-in into the assembly channel

Wooden facing screwed into the assembly channel

Transport trolley