KLEU-Flor protective cover for sensitive floors

Mobile carpet-plates cover sensitive and high-quality floors for example in Gymnasiums or Multi-Purpose Halls (when using this areas for public events… )


Fully synthetic needle punched nonwoven with a binder-free wear layer, 100 % Polypropylen-staple, pollution-free.
Cover-structure: one-ply – 100% wear layer
Backside: heavy-spar-cover


Floor is easily laid upon the floor, no tools etc. necessary. Dry cleaning is possible with a vacuum-cleaner.


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Technical Details

Size: 200 x 100 cm
(special measures possible)
Thickness: ca. 7,0 mm
Weight: ca. 3.800 g/m2
Light-Resistance: Stufe 6
Water-Resistance: Stufe 6
Dead Sounding: ca. 19 dB
Colours analogue Sample-Card.
DIN-Norm 15920


Field of Application:

Multi-purpose halls
Community Centres



  • Antistatic: 54445
  • Dead Sounding: 52219
  • Brennverhalten: 4102 / 66081

66081 t-a. Controls ongoing



Ein variables Podest-System für Produktion-, Lagerwirtschaft und Versand.

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Alu-Plano Folding

For instalment of exhibition-stands a special floor for hiding the supply-conductions (electricity, water…) is necessary.


Alu-Plano Folding has the following characteristics:

  • Allows the building of an even floor.
  • Hides supply-conductions for water, electricity …
  • Is the base for the decoration of the exhibition-stand
    (parquet, carpet, acrylic glass…)

Alu-Plano is a patent frame-system, foldable and therefore taking for storage / transport minimal area.

The frames are unfolded and then laid upon the adjustable feet. After that the plates are laid in and then the fine-adjustment could be made. After instalment of the floor an adjustment of the feet is possible, so that an absolutely even floor can be mounted.

If the placement of heavy loads is necessary the Alu-Plano floor could be in addition equipped with diagonals or crosses or extra-feet so that a total loading-capacity of 1.000 kg/m² could be reached.

Product Description

Technical Details

Measure: 100 x 100 cm
(other measures possible)
Weight: 14 kg
(frame + plate)
Loading-Capacity: up to 10 kN
Frame-Height: 6 cm
Plate: 22mm
Heights: 9 – 13 cm
passage under plate: 3 – 6 cm
Range of height-adjustment in standard:
9 – 13 and 16 – 20 cm.
Special heights possible


Field of Application:


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With our dancing-elements (size: 95 cm x 95 cm) you can install a dancing-area within short time.

Interlocking-System Interlocking-System closed

The plates are all equal and equipped with an efficient interlocking by groove and over centre cam fastening which will not disengage during use. Surrounding friezes (from aluminium with anodised brass finish) which give protection and longevity build the edge to the floor of the room.

As all plates are equal every area could be enlarged or reduced. For comfortable and sure transport of the elements and accessories there is a special trolley (for max. 30 elements with accessories).


Product Decription

Technical Details

Measure: 95 x 95 cm
Height: 26 mm
Weight: 18 kg
Cover Oak-parquet, standard: sealed > also possible: coated with wax.


Fields of Application:

Gymnasiums / Schools
Hotels / Restaurants


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