With our dancing-elements (size: 95 cm x 95 cm) you can install a dancing-area within short time.

Interlocking-System Interlocking-System closed

The plates are all equal and equipped with an efficient interlocking by groove and over centre cam fastening which will not disengage during use. Surrounding friezes (from aluminium with anodised brass finish) which give protection and longevity build the edge to the floor of the room.

As all plates are equal every area could be enlarged or reduced. For comfortable and sure transport of the elements and accessories there is a special trolley (for max. 30 elements with accessories).


Product Decription

Technical Details

Measure: 95 x 95 cm
Height: 26 mm
Weight: 18 kg
Cover Oak-parquet, standard: sealed > also possible: coated with wax.


Fields of Application:

Gymnasiums / Schools
Hotels / Restaurants


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