KLEU-Flor protective cover for sensitive floors

Mobile carpet-plates cover sensitive and high-quality floors for example in Gymnasiums or Multi-Purpose Halls (when using this areas for public events… )


Fully synthetic needle punched nonwoven with a binder-free wear layer, 100 % Polypropylen-staple, pollution-free.
Cover-structure: one-ply – 100% wear layer
Backside: heavy-spar-cover


Floor is easily laid upon the floor, no tools etc. necessary. Dry cleaning is possible with a vacuum-cleaner.


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Technical Details

Size: 200 x 100 cm
(special measures possible)
Thickness: ca. 7,0 mm
Weight: ca. 3.800 g/m2
Light-Resistance: Stufe 6
Water-Resistance: Stufe 6
Dead Sounding: ca. 19 dB
Colours analogue Sample-Card.
DIN-Norm 15920


Field of Application:

Multi-purpose halls
Community Centres



  • Antistatic: 54445
  • Dead Sounding: 52219
  • Brennverhalten: 4102 / 66081

66081 t-a. Controls ongoing