Model Deko-Master ®

Deko-Master equipped with borders for sales-events (acrylic glass or perforated plate). Deko-Master is identical with the classic stage-platforms and could also be used for fashion parades as catwalks, for events as stage …

Deko-Master® Vario

Scissors-type platform manufactured from aluminium-frame with a 22 mm deck, brown or colourless stained and screwed in tightly. The aluminium-edge is equipped with nuts so that accessories like stairs, handrails … could be fixed easily and the podiums one beneath the other could be connected. Scissors-construction from steel-tube, coated (standard: black or alu-colour > with additional price every wished RAL-colour is possible).

Deko-Master® Integral

As Deko-Master® Vario, but same model as Alu-Integral that means height adjustment by releasing grips on the top side (no turn of the podium for height adjustment). The tube between the feet on the long sides – the so called bottom-frame – allows an equipment with wheels (swivel wheels with brake).


Stairs, handrails, transport-systems… are available in standard- and special measures. Further details: „System-Accessories

Product Description

Technical Details

Measure: 100 x 200 cm
(special measures possible)
Weight: ca. 60 kg
Loading-Capacity: 750 daN/m2
Frame-Height: 8 cm
Height: 20 cm
Heights: 20/40/60/80/100 cm
Other adjustment-steps and sloping configurations possible


Field of Application:

sales exhibitions/ store


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