Model Präsento

This podium is constructed only for the use of goods-presentation etc. in stores, show-rooms, sales exhibitions… Goods could be stored on the podium in the shop. The model with the plug-in-feet could also be used as a stand-up-desk (telescopic feet allow a variable height-adjustment).

Product Description

Plug-in-Foot- or Scissors-type-podium existing of a smooth alu-frame (without nuts) with a 15 mm deck screwed in tightly. Construction equipped with plug-in-feet-sockets for sticking in feet or with scissors-legs.


The Scissors-type podium has an integrated height-adjustment (pressing the grips). The Plug-in-Foot podium will be equipped in each of the 4 sockets with the stick- or telescopic feet in the wished height > the feet are screwed into the sockets (without any tool).

Product Description

Technical Details

Measure: 80 x 160 cm
(special measures possible)
Weight: ca. 20 kg
Loading-Capacity: ca. 200 daN/m2
podium 80 x 160 cm


Field of Application:

sales exhibitions/ store


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