Open-Air Stage

Fast and easy to install, with roof for Open-Air events the city or country.

Theatre Stage

The flexibility of the system allows best possible fitting to the situation given on site.

Model Alu-Concerto

Step-instalment of platforms.


Product Description

Platforms (Plug-in-Foot or Scissors-type) for choirs or orchestras are installed in stepped formations (also in half-circle configuration).

The building-kit-system allows variety concerning number of choir-/orchestra-members and the location of an event.


The platforms are equipped with a surrounding nut where each element will be connected to the next by a simple connection-piece. Accessories like stairs, railings etc. will also be fixed in this surrounding nut. For the stepped instalment the podiums one behind the other will be connected by special foot-clamps or frame-/foot-clamps.


System-accessories are available in different sizes. Special for choirs/orchestras: conductor-podium with special railing…in different measures available. Abmessungen erhältlich.

Product Description

Field of Application:



Technical Details:

Analoque choice of platform-model.


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