Model Super-Rapid

Plug-in-Foot-platform from aluminium. Stages in every size could be realised without diagonal bracings up to 180 cm height.

Product Description

Staging-platform existing of an aluminium edge, 11 cm high, with a 22 mm deck, brown stained and screwed in tightly. The aluminium-edge is equipped with nuts so that accessories like stairs, handrails … could be fixed easily and the platforms could be installed stabile one next to the other. 4 corner sockets are on the bottom-side of the platform for fixation of the feet. Mounting of the feet without tool. The corner sockets can take stick- / telescopic feet 60/60 mm.


Connection of the podiums with Klemmfix-podium-connectors and/or Combi-clips especially fast connection for Super-Rapid. All parts are screwed and could be changed, if necessary.


Stairs, handrails, transport-systems… are available in standard- and special measures. Further details: „System-Accessories“.

Product Description

Technical Details

Measure: 200 x 100 cm
(special measures possible)
Weight: ca. 45 kg
Loading-Capacity: 750 kg/m2
Frame-Height: 11 cm
Height: 11 cm
Heights: 11 – 180 cm
without diagonal bracing
for stick- / telescopic feet 60 x 60 mm
Static is present.


Field of Application:

Schools / Communities / Cities
Choir / Orchestras
Radio Stations

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