Model Alu-Vario

Scissors-construction from steel-tube, coated. (German DIN 4112 and DIN 1055)

Product Description

Scissors-type platform manufactured from aluminium-frame with a 22 mm deck, brown stained and screwed in tightly. The aluminium-edge is equipped with nuts so that accessories like stairs, handrails … could be fixed easily and the podiums one beneath the other could be connected. Scissors-construction from steel-tube, coated (standard: black).


On the bottom-side of the podium is the mechanism for height-adjustment. By pressing the grips in each others direction the scissors are released and could be put to the different heights. The platforms then are arranged in the wished formation and fixed one beneath/behind the other with special connecting-parts (Klemmfix connector).


Stairs, handrails, transport-systems… are available in standard- and special measures. Further details: „System-Accessories“.

Product Description

Technical Details

Measure: 200 x 100 cm
(special measures possible)
Weight: ca. 60 kg
Loading-Capacity: 750 daN/m2
Frame-Height: 8 cm
Height: 20 cm
Heights: 20/40/60/80/100 cm
Other adjustment-steps and sloping configurations possible.


Field of Application:

Schools / Communities / Cities
Choir / Orchestras
Radio Stations

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