KLEU Motorpodest
KLEU Motorpodest

The platforms can easily be brought into the correct position with the help of a motor.

Technical Details:Scissors type platform MotorLift
Standard Size:2 x 1 m (special sizes available)
Pay Load:750 kg/m²
Dynamic Pay Load:0 kg/m². No lifting of loads possible.
Max. Stage Height:80 cm above the room floor.
Weight:78 kg
Tragplatte:25 mm, optional belegt mit dem Oberboden des Saals
Einbautiefe:mindestens 22 cm

Numerous accessories like railings, facings, stairs etc. available on request.

KLEU Motorpodest

Scissors type platform MotorLift

KLEU Alu-Rapid V Stoffverkleidung Klett

Textile or wooden facing

KLEU Alu-Rapid V Ecke mit Geländer

fixation for railings