By standardizing the single elements, each area can be expanded or exchanged as required.

Detailed view of the tilt lock “open”

Technical Details: Profi Dancing Set
Element Size: 95 x 95 cm
Height: 26 mm
Weight: 18 kg

Oak surface, lacquered as standard

Accessories: Special transport trolley to hold the elements and the friezes

The dance floor elements are all the same and are connected by means of a quick-release lock in a tongue and groove system so that all the plates are locked in place flush with the surface and stable. A border made of friezes forms the transition to the existing floor without the risk of tripping.

Detailed view of the tilt lock “closed”

Detail view of the tilt lock that connects the dance floor elements with the frieze elements.

There are friezes – as shown here – coated in gold or silver.